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Denise Belinda McDonald


I began my writing career at the age of eight when I wrote the sequel to two of my favorite scary movies : The Headless Horseman and When a Stranger Calls. What is an eight-year-old doing watching such movies, you ask? Beats me, I cant quite remember, but I think that this is where the germs for creativity and for wanting - no needing - to write came from.


My stories have changed over the years. And after reading several Nora Roberts novels, I thought, "Gee, I want to do that, too." With nine published books under my belt so far, I am working on it. My focus is the romance genre, but my poetry and short stories have also been published in several anthology books as well as newsletters and online e-zines. 


I belong to Romance Writers of America and PASIC (RWA).


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